The rise and fall of Muslim civilization - Hope for the future

The rise and fall of Muslim civilization – Hope for the future

Just One: A Journey of Perseverance and Conviction

Dr. Nour Akhras is a pediatric infectious diseases physician, one of only 1,500 in the United States. Just One: A Journey of Perseverance and Conviction chronicles the life of this Syrian American doctor, honestly portraying her struggles as an American Muslim in an Islamophobic climate and as a mother providing humanitarian aid in war-torn countries around the globe. Throughout her journey, she takes inspiration from the extraordinary courage of young and old refugees forced to abandon their homes yet determined to survive and rebuild their lives. Each story is different, and every loss is personal. Between heartbreaking realities and moments of resilience, she implores readers to respect the dignity of every human life.

Concerning Divine Wisdom in the Creation of Man: Ghazali and Human Anatomy

Concerning Divine Wisdom in the Creation of Man is a selected translation and commentary of Imam al-Ghazali’s treatise on human anatomy and physiology. In it, al-Ghazali masterfully provides the seeker of religious knowledge a window into Allah’s creativity through the Islamic study of anatomy. The study of anatomy for the Muslim serves as a potential means to fulfill two distinct goals:
To increase one’s attachment to the Creator through a deeper appreciation of the details of His creation Or to become a professional with knowledge of diseases and cures

Every Breath Is The Music Of Love

Who is Rumi?: Re-centering and reclaiming the legacy of the most famous Muslim poet in the West, also the most misrepresented. Join us as we unravel Rumi, the poet, the Hanafi jurist, and Sufi. WIth a live reading in Farsi, of the Mathnawi, with translation and Q and A. Saleeh Baseer and Wares Fazleyar. Live at the Quran Museum, 5999 New Wilke Road, Rolling Meadows, IL, 60008

Sacred Manhood: With Imam Dawud Walid

A conversation on Islamic Manhood, Chivalry and Raising Muslim Men. Addressing the growing crisis, With Imam Dawud Walid.

Being Muslim in Academic Medicine

Being Muslim in Academic Medicine: A Moderated Conversation on Islam, Bioethics, and Muslim Communities with Aasim I. Padela MD MSc

Alama Iqbal's Message in 2022

Webinar on “Iqbal’s Legacy in 2022”, and contemporary understanding of his writings, by Mufti Abdul Rahman Waheed of Miftah Institute and Dr Khutb Uddin, M.D, PhD.

Women's Health: A Global Lens

A lecture by Dr. Sondos Al Sad

Scientific Benefits of Salah

A lecture by Dr. Ibrahim B. Syed

Parenting healthy brains and bodies in a changing world

2021- During this pandemic, the Children’s Hospital Association and the American Association of Pediatrics found a nearly 20% spike in young people attempting suicide and more than a 40% increase in behavioral issues. Dr Saeed will uncover what is impacting our children’s brains and bodies and how parents can help optimize their child’s decision-making skills and their overall health.

Why are we dying? How Cardiac risk assessments are not designed for South Asian

How Cardiac risk assessments are not designed for South Asian by Dr Mubin Syed.

From Cordoba to Chicago

An interview with Dr. Jawad Shah, the CEO of the first Muslim operated safety net hospital, insight Chicago.

A collection of Antique Qurans and Quranic Manuscripts

IIMAC has great pleasure in announcing a presentation by a unique collector: Mr. Naim Daam

The Contributions of the Islamic Civilization to Medicine with special reference to Urology

Islam has made a very glorious contribution to the art of healing. Surprisingly while for the western world the 1000 years from the 5th century are known as the dark ages; for the Islamic historian the 7th century and the next 700 years can easily be called the golden period of Islamic history.

Organ transplant issues in Islam, Global organ trafficking and exploitation of Uighur Muslims

Organ transplant issues in Islam, Global organ trafficking and exploitation of Uighur Muslims.

COVID-19: Pandemic in India

Lecure by Dr. Saamer Siddiqi and Dr. Safa FH

Contemporary Islamic Medicine

A lecture by Dr. Madiha

Evolution of Ophthalmology in the Islamic Era

A lecture by Dr. Zafer Wafai

Bone Fractures as Viewed by Some Muslim Physicians

A lecture by Dr.Abdulnaser Kaadan, MD, PhD

Muslim Women in Healthcare

A fun and worthwhile conversation about Muslim women reclaiming our narrative by learning from the past.

Moderator: Delila Benameur
Marium Husain, MD, MPH
Joman Natsheh, MD, PhD
Madiha Saeed, MD (aka HolisticMom, MD)
Fatima Tourk is a biomedical engineering major.

Exploring Islamic Medieval Scholars’ Impact on Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition

Lecture by Dr Adnan Muhammad and Widad Labban’s

Introduction to the History of Islamic Medicine

Lecture by Dr. Husain Nagamia

Modern Muslim Heroes of Medicine

A lecture by Dr. Mubin Syed

Covid 19 Pandemic And Islamic Medicine Perspectives

Dr. Madiha Saeed, M.D.
Dr. Shahaab Uddin, M.D.
Dr. Mohammad Herzallah, M.D., Ph.D
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