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كتاب المرشد في طب العين

A Guide Book in Ophthalmology
by Muhammad Ibn Qassoum Ibn Aslam Al-Ghafiqi
Publication Date: 1990


by Ali Ibn Al-Abbas Al-Ahwazi
Publication Date: 1997


الكحالون العرب والمسلمون وأثرهم في تطور طب العين

Arabs and Muslims and their Impact on the Development of Ophthalmology
by Professor M. Zafer Wafai, M.D.
Publication Date: 2021

Contributions of Arab and Muslim Oculists to Ophthalmology

by Professor M. Zafer Wafai, M.D.
Publication Date: 2016

كشف الّين في أحوال العين

Detection of the Yen in the Conditions of the Eye
by Ibn Al-Akfani, Abu Abdullah Ibn Muhammad Ibn Ibrahim Ibn Saed Al-Ansari Al-Sinjari
Publication Date: 1993

تشريح العين وأشكالها

Eye Anatomy and Shapes
by Ali ibn Ibrahim Ibn Bakhtyashu Al-Kafartabi
Publication Date: 1991


أمراض العين وعلاجاتها من كتابَ المعالجات البقراطية وفردوس الحكمة

Eye diseases and their treatments from the two books of Bocratic Remedies and Paradise of Wisdom
by Abu-Alhasan Ahmad ibn Muhammad Al-Tabari, Ali Ibn Sahl Raban Al-Tabari
Publication Date: 1998

أمراض العين وعلاجاتها إبن سينا

Eye diseases and their treatments Ibn Sina
by Ibn Sina
Publication Date: 1993


book about eye diseases

كتاب أمراض العين( كورنيليوس فان دايك)

Eye Diseases
by Cornelius Van Dyke
Publication Date: 1992


الانشقاق المشرف

Honorable Defection Arabic
by Husam Wafaei
Publication Date: 2012


العمدة الكحلية في الأمراض البصرية

Mayor Kohl in Visual Diseases
by Sadaqah Ibn Ibrahim Al-Shazili
Publication Date: 2021


New and Original Theories in the diagnosis and treatment of ocular diseases

الهذب في الكحل المجرب

Al-Dahleb in the Tried-and-true Kohl
by Ibn-Nafis, Ali ibn Abi Al-Hazm Al-Qarashi
Publication Date: 1988


Nour Al Ayoun and the Arts Collector

نور العيون وجامع الفنون

Nour El-Ayoun and the Arts Collector
by Salah Aldin Al-Kahhal Al-Hamwi
Publication Date: NA


البصر والبصيره

Sight and Insight
by Thabit Ibn Qurrah Al-Harrani
Publication Date: 1991


العمدة الكحلية في الأمراض البصرية

The Arabian Ophthalmologists
by J. Hirschberg, J. Lippert and E. Mittwoch
Publication Date: 1993


The results of thought in the treatment of vision diseases

نتيجه الفكر في علاج أمراض البصر

The Result of Thought in the Treatment of Vision Diseases
by Abu Al-Abbas Ahmad Ibn Uthman ibn Hibatu Allah Al-Qaysi
Publication Date: 1998

Nour Al Ayoun and the Arts Collector

الكافي في الكحل

Enough in Kohl
by Khalifah Ibn Abi-AlMahasin Al-Halabi
Publication Date: 1988


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