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About the instructor

Alia Hirzalla is the executive director at the Institute of Islamic Medicine Art and Culture (IIMAC).

She has given courses at the University of Chicago, University of Illinois at Chicago, and Illinois institute of Technology. Her passion is to use the Art of calligraphy to encourage empathy and creative thinking in her students. She has a Bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies and a masters degree in theology with a concentration on Islamic History.


8-week class

Meeting at Institute of Islamic Medicine, Art and Culture. In this 8-week comprehensive and step-by-step course, you will learn the Naskh and Diwani scripts from absolute scratch.


Fee is $150 per student

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Course Outline

Week 1


Learning Methodology, Supplies, Dynamics of the pen, Scaling and Measurements

Week 2

Naskh Day 1

Introduction, Letters Aleph to ‘Ain

Week 3

Naskh Day 2

Letters Fa to Hamza, Sample sentence scripting

Week 4

Naskh Day 3

Introduction, Letters Aleph to ‘Ain

Week 5

Diwani Day 1

Letters Fa to Hamza, Sample sentence scripting

Week 6

Diwani Day 2

Introduction, Letters Aleph to ‘Ain

Week 7

Diwani Day 3

Letters Fa to Hamza, Sample sentence scripting

Week 8


Planning and drafting masterpieces, Conclusion


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