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For this purpose we hope to become a collection house for all knowledge: past, present and future related to the History and Practice of Islamic Medicine.

To promote our purpose:

  • We will establish, maintain and nurture a library both traditional and digital on the subject of Islamic Medicine.
  • We will also promote research, translation and publication on this subject in the US and worldwide.
  • We will hold conferences, lectures, courses and discussions on this subject in the US and worldwide.
  • We will endeavor to establish curricula for utilization in medical schools for educating faculty as well as students.

Mission: Nagamia Institute of Islamic Medicine and Science (NIIMS) acquires and disseminates knowledge of the rich history of Islamic medicine, art and culture and foster its application.


Vision: It is in the preservation and dissemination of knowledge and history that we aim to inspire a generation of excellence and action through faith.


Values: Respect for all people, differences and spiritual heritage

Our Beginning

Nagamia Institute of Islamic Medicine and Science (NIIMS) was originally named International Institute of Islamic Medicine (IIIM). 
The Islamic Medical Association of North America (IMANA) mandated the formation of IIIM at an extra ordinary Council meeting of its Executive in Orlando Florida, in 1992.

The purpose, for which IIIM was formed, was to collect, collate, catalogue, annotate, research and disseminate information about the History of Islamic Medicine. Islamic Medicine was the Medicine that developed and was practiced during the Islamic period of Civilization. IIIM was also to research and publicize the multitudinous contributions that Islamic Medicine made to the development of Modern Medicine.

Since 1992, IIM has:

  • Held two national and five international conferences on History of Islamic Medicine
  • Published and encouraged numerous articles on subjects related to Islamic Medicine and published them in national and International journals
  • Undertaken translation of pertinent works to enhance our knowledge of the subject
  • Encouraged research into the subject by providing grants and scholarship
  • Has gathered and housed a unique and a special collections Library, on the subject of History of Islamic Medicine.
  • Created a traveling exhibit on History of Islamic Medicine, which has exhibited in cities nationally and internationally, disseminating information and increasing awareness about the subject
  • Published monographs and occasional papers for distribution (click Medicine in Islam, Prophetic Medicine etc).
  • Created a dynamic interactive website for reference, research and interactive exchange of information on the subject.
  • Is in the process of developing a curriculum for Medical schools for courses on History of Islamic Medicine.
  • Has a proposal for the design and construction of a Museum and Library of History of Islamic Medicine

Building on this foundation, NIIMS hopes to continue this work, while focusing on introducing the next generation to this rich history of invention and discovery, not only in medicine, but in other scientific fields as well.

History, Formation, Development and Purpose
Husain Nagamia MD FRCS (Eng. & Edin.)
Chairman IIIM,
Past President IMANA.

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